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We have been developping digital platforms with our clients for ten years.

Thanks to our skills in visual design, tech & development and innovation, we can help you reach your goals and successfully complete your projects.

Our Offer

Wassa designs mobile and web apps that fits your expectations and needs. Our offer is adapted to your challenges and environments in order to to help you achieve your goals.

Our skills

Our offers

  • Manage, plan, organize and coordinate a project
  • Set-up functional or technical workshops
  • Design functional or technical specifications
  • Manage a project on a daily basis
  • Lead follow-up meetings
  • Analytics & SEO

Our profiles

  • Project manager
  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Functional consultant
  • Business consultant

Our offers

  • Visual identity
  • Story-board, wireframe & mockups
  • User experience
  • Logos and icons design
  • User tests

Our profiles

  • Art Director
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Consultant

Our offers

  • Technical architecture diagram
  • Front-end development(Angular, React.js, Vue.js,...)
  • Back-end development(Node.js, PHP, C#,....)
  • Mobile development(Swift, kotlin, React native,...)
  • CMS Development(Drupal, WordPress,...)
  • API development(Rest/Json, GraphQL, SOAP,...)

Our profiles

  • Technical architect
  • Lead developer
  • Developer
  • Integrator

Our offers

  • System & network architecture
  • Management & tools(Git,...)
  • Continuous integration(Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Cloud deployment(AWS, Azure, Lambda,...)
  • On-premise or classic deployment
  • Security and network

Our profiles

  • Architect
  • DevOps engineer
  • System and network engineer
  • Security engineer

Our offers

  • Test strategy
  • Unit tests
  • Automated tests(Jenkins,....)
  • Static and dynamic code analysis
  • Tools & best practice
  • Cross-platform / browser / OS validation

Our profiles

  • Lead QA
  • QA developer
  • Functional consultant
  • Tester

Our offers

  • Maintenance management & reporting
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Adaptive maintenance
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Service Level Agreement & KPI

Our profiles

  • Maintenance project manager
  • Any required resource

Our offers

  • Team management
  • Project management / operational interaction
  • Algorithm design (machine / deep learning)
  • Data lake set-up and management
  • Proof of concept (PoC) and pilot
  • Operational solution

Our profiles

  • Project manager
  • Research engineer
  • Data scientist & engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Developer

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Our team

Composed of enthusiasts, our teams gather all needed skills to set-up, design, develop and deploy a digital or innovative project. Combining dynamism, casual atmosphere and professional rigour, our advanced knowledge and continuous technological intelligence allow our teams to evolve both technically and in their career.

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Innovation is our DNA

Working on technological and usage innovation, we are constantly looking for ways to improve tomorrow's world through innovative technologies

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We are creative

Creativity in the way we approach a project and our ability to identify the relevant solution. Creativity in our visual experiences and interactions

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We are tech addict

You can't do this job if you are not found of technology and of its permanent and challenging evolutions. We are passionated!

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